Why You Should Be Working Out In 2024?

Your doctor may tell you to start a work out program. You may notice the scales slowly climbing or the waistband on your pants too tight. You may look in the mirror and not recognize the older person you’ve become. You may feel the doldrums of winter or lack energy. These are some of the reasons why people start an exercise program and work out. Exercise can do so many things for your body, energy level, mood, and self-image.

Exercise helps your energy level and keeps you looking younger.

It’s not vain to want to look your best. Everyone should want that. Exercise can help you do it. When you workout regularly, you’re increasing circulation throughout the body. That includes the skin. Exercising regularly slows aging. Exercise creates longer telomeres. Those are the caps on the end of chromosomes that protect them from unraveling. They act similar to aglets on shoelaces. The longer the telomeres, the longer the cell life. Exercise also sends more nourishment to the skin. It puts pep in your step and boosts your energy so you move with ease, adding to the younger persona.

Exercise is good for your mental health.

Studies show that both anxiety and depression can benefit from regular exercise. One study showed it was more beneficial than many medications when used as an adjuvant therapy. Other studies show exercise can also help boost memory and cognitive thinking. It helps keep the mind sharper and increases the neuropathways. Many therapists are using exercise to help people with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

It’s good for your health.

You’ve heard it a million times before, exercising regularly is good for your health. It helps you lose weight, lowers your blood pressure, and the risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. It builds muscle mass that prevents sarcopenia and osteoporosis. One study found that consistent weight-bearing exercise was better than most medicines. It can slow and stop bone loss and improve bone density.

It doesn’t matter how long you live if those extra years are miserable. Exercising regularly can keep you fit enough to live independently. It adds more years to your life and puts more life in those years.

Exercise can help relieve chronic pain. It can relieve back pain and lower the pain from arthritis. It increases mobility and reduces aches and stiffness. It can improve breathing and reduce asthma attacks.

Exercise improves your posture. That helps you walk taller with a look of confidence. When you look more confident, people treat you with more respect, which boosts your self-image even more.

Exercise helps with digestion. It improves the motility of the digestive system and increases the beneficial microbes in the gut. It also boosts stem cell creation, benefiting all parts of the body.

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Why You Should Be Working Out In 2024?