Why It Works

Shoutout to Chris for being very responsive, Patricia and David for the great training lessons. All the best for the academy!

Eyal Yanco Lacs July 3, 2024

I can't say enough about this coaching team. As a cancer survivor, even after 6 weeks, I feel - and see - new energy and strength. I literally leave with a high and can't wait for each training. Best decision!

UpFit is one of the best places to train. The facilities are amazing, the coaches are top notch, and the programming is second to none. I highly recommend anyone that is looking to get some consistency within their fitness routine to check this spot out!

Andy Fata-Chan June 6, 2024

I've been training here for about 3 months. Programs are effective and the trainers are knowledgable, positive and motivating. Highly recommend to anyone who's looking to prioritize their fitness

Kevin J May 23, 2024

I joined UpFit after years of avoiding the gym, and I’m so happy I bit the bullet. The trainers, program, and facilities are excellent, and the trainers keep me motivated and give the attention & feedback I need when I need it, while keeping my injury history in mind. I already feel stronger and more confident with the workouts. Can’t recommend this place enough.

Jackie Chung April 17, 2024

Great place to workout and friendly staffs.

Wai Joe April 13, 2024

I've been going to UpFit for 3 months now. They are freakin AWESOME!! 😍 The trainers here actually care about you!! 🥰 They have 3 convenient locations. The downtown Union Sq location is new and it is NICE!!

Olivia Fu April 13, 2024

Best gym in town with trainers who care about your goals and wellbeing! 🏋🏽‍♂️💜💪🏽

Richard Cratty April 13, 2024

I’m an ex college athlete and there is no place I’d rather workout than upfit.

christian romano April 13, 2024

Great & friendly staff

Carolina Lee April 13, 2024

Best trainers I have ever dealt with. Great staff, well designed workouts, and a great gym.

Adam Romano April 13, 2024

Awesome place to get a great workout

Dennis J April 13, 2024

World class facility and community! Transformative experience and life changing!

Rick Hu April 13, 2024

Great atmosphere and great people who work here

Stanley Chow April 13, 2024

Love how gorgeous and modern this gym is. Trainers are great and really push you! Love this place!!

James Huang April 13, 2024

Great place, great vibes, great results

Spa Me April 13, 2024

Upfit has great semi-personal training! I keep going again and again!

Reuben Juster April 13, 2024

I had an awesome experience at this gym, the coaches are great.

Malcolm Nunnaly April 13, 2024

Great people! Super nice space too!

Peter April 13, 2024

Awesome location, even better facilities, and the best trainers in NYC!

Justin Credible April 13, 2024

Amazing coaches, great fitness community, and very results driven. Highly recommended

Ivan Tan April 13, 2024

This is my 8th week at Upfit and I just started my second program. Before February 2024, I had never been through a fitness training / strengthening session at all. I was a bit scared and didn’t know what to do coming to my first assessment session with Paul, but soon he calmed me down and I had a great learning (and challenging!) session with Paul. So far I have met almost all coaches in private training sessions and they are all awesome (especially Patricia’s music choices!). I could see progress in other sports that I play; I feel good and glad that I’m making progress (even though they are tiny progress) at every session. Thank you Upfit!

Yuan Yuan April 13, 2024

These guys are not new to the business but are new to Greenwich Village...and so glad they're here. They have a a great business model. Integrating into their fitness program has been seamless and honestly I have never felt better. The trainers are energetic, enthusiastic and smart. They really pay attention and provide amazing feedback throughout session keeping things fresh and guaranteeing you maximize your time. The facility is new and very cool with great amenities. All new equipment. The staff is their secret weapon.

Steven Cutri March 29, 2024

So happy and proud of the team at Upfit for opening up this location. Anyone who’s been a member of this gym before can understand how special and unique of a workout experience this place offers. The coaches transformed my whole pregnancy and labor/delivery experience by catering my workouts to my stages of pregnancy. Now as a new mom, I was so excited to return from my “maternity leave” from the gym and continue my process of becoming the strongest and healthiest version of myself. And this new location was even more motivation to do so. Spacious, clean, brand new equipment, a sauna- It’s like a hybrid of a gym and a spa (aka the perfect escape for a mom looking for some “me” time). If you’re looking for a an effective approach to working out, a sense of community, a group of supportive trainers/coaches in a state of the art gym, Upfit is the place for you.

My goodness. My experience so far at UpFit has been stellar. No judgements. And lots of patience as I get back into fitness after a lengthy break and multiple injuries. The care the trainers give feels like a 1:1 session - even when there’s 3 other people training alongside you. With customized programming and clean modern full feature facilities - you can’t find a better fit for your fitness journey.

Jonathan Huebsch March 13, 2024

I’ve been training with UpFit for a couple months now, and it’s exactly what I needed to pull me out of my exercise slump. The coaches are all so good at what they do, and so kind and supportive on top of that. I also love that even though I train with a small group, we all are actually doing our own workout tailored to our individual needs. Grateful to the UpFit team for meeting me where I am and setting me up for success - whatever that means for me.

Serene Ghneim March 11, 2024

I have been training with them for a few years. Everyone is very professional and so friendly. I have learned a lot on training, having a good diet, etc. Highly recommend!!! Amazing team!!

Shumeng Zhang March 6, 2024

Just experienced UpFit’s seamless, tailored and comprehensive onboarding. The program is structured perfectly to fit into my schedule, foster community and keep me progressing towards my individual goals. I’m so excited for what’s to come.

Tiffany Shatzkes March 6, 2024

Amazing training program for beginners and intermediates - highly recommend.

Liu Wang March 5, 2024

If you're like me and have tried to go to an open gym, you may enter feeling overwhelmed and then leave feeling disappointed. Trying to work out without a plan and structured workout tailored to your needs and ability is daunting and ineffective. UpFit provides exactly that while also providing the amazing plus of a supportive, welcoming and fun social community. Wes and Paul founded UpFit with the concept that ANYONE (even me!) could start strength training and reach their goals with discipline and commitment. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle (or both), or just feel that accountability to yourself and your group classmates to motivate you to show up, UpFit is a great option to explore. Their new downtown location is suited to provide a more comprehensive experience with additional equipment, squat racks, plus larger amenities like lockers and new showers.

Rebecca February 21, 2024

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