What Is Primal Living?

I love New York, NY, but I also think that all the wonderful things it offers come at a price. The price can include stress, illness, and obesity. Those factors may be what’s driving people to adopt primal living. Primal living doesn’t mean you have to go live in caves or search the park for small creatures or plants to eat. Rather, it’s about taking a step back from all the hubbub and looking at the many changes in lifestyle since man first walked erect.

Shoes are one of those changes.

While shoes protect your feet, they also confine them, often holding them in unnatural positions as you walk. They don’t allow your feet to touch the ground, and if they did, most of it would be concrete, rather than grass. Some people involved in primal living use a technique called grounding or earthing. Grounding endorses going barefoot on the grass or bare ground, saying it brings peace and neutralizes the body’s energy by using the earth’s energy. You can walk barefoot, lay on the grass, or work with bare hands in the garden. It’s reconnecting to the earth.

A primal diet is part of primal living.

A primal diet is similar to a Paleolithic or caveman diet in that both focus on eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods that are often filled with harmful chemicals. Both eliminate grains, except for ancient grains, such as quinoa, since man didn’t farm during Paleolithic times. The primal diet is a little more liberal, encouraging the consumption of full-fat, raw milk that is restricted on the Paleolithic diet. The primal diet also allows food from the nightshade family, such as bell peppers, eggplant, and tomato, which the Paleolithic diet doesn’t.

The Primal lifestyle considers how people lived.

Early man was nomadic, they often walked miles on rugged terrain, scavenging plants and hunting small animals. At the same time, they were on the alert for dangerous situations which often included animals and other humans. A primal exercise program isn’t formal in most cases. It means walking, running and lifting heavy things more often. Many didn’t need formal exercise programs because the entire day was a fitness regimen. People who live a primal lifestyle move around more often.

  • People who adopt a primal lifestyle turn off all electronic devices like the computer or TV. They sleep in a dark, cool room and allow their body to relax, recover, and prepare for the next day.
  • People who live a primal lifestyle enjoy the sunshine and soak up vitamin D. Take time to do safe sunning. It’s not possible much of the year in NY, but when it is, take advantage of it.
  • Find ways to increase daily exercise. Instead of taking a car, the bus, or a taxi for a few blocks, walk that distance. You can modify the intensity of the pace and turn it into a HIIT workout.
  • Enjoy life and take time to play. Being social was important even in prehistoric times. People with a rich social life who laugh more, live a longer and healthier life.

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