Train Your Brain To Crave The Gym

When you go to Upfit Training Academy in New York, NY, you’ll notice it’s different from other group training facilities. We focus on getting started, sticking with it now and finding ways to enhance your desire to keep fit in the future, promoting a lifetime of fitness. It might not come naturally to love working out, but when you find the right combination, you’ll no longer dread your workout time and even crave the gym when you miss a workout session.

Start with a friend or make a friend.

One of the reasons people love our programs is that everyone is so friendly, yet dedicated to fitness. We’re all here with the same goals in mind, getting fit, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Many of our clients sign up with a friend and say they look forward to working out, sharing healthy recipes and having someone they can share successes with and even compete against, occasionally. Whether you workout virtually or in person, everything is better when you’re having fun.

Make your workout a standing appointment that you can’t miss.

Working out at the same time every day builds a habit. Habits can be tough to break. If you schedule your appointment every day at 7 a.m., you’ll feel like something is missing if you don’t go after that habit is established. Don’t think of it initially as something you’re going to do every day for the rest of your life, that could seem overwhelming. Instead, think of it as something you’re going to do for a month and then reevaluate at the end of the month. Consider it an experiment and you need to follow through to see if you really can get in shape.

Make goals and measure your success.

There’s an old saying, “winners keep score.” In order to know if you’re making progress, you have to know where you started, what your goal is and whether you’re succeeding. That means you have to measure your success. Whether it’s weighing yourself once a week, taking measurements or just logging your workout and keeping a food journal, you’re keeping score. It becomes a game that you can win. It’s also the reason video games are so popular. Reaching a new level is exciting, but you won’t know you reached it unless you track your progress.

  • Find new ways to challenge yourself. See how fast you can climb a flight of stairs or how many flights you can climb without resting. Use that as a measurement of your progress and test yourself every ten days.
  • Try new ways to exercise. Be on the lookout for something new if you’re working out on your own. At the gym, your trainer will provide all the new types of workouts and mix up your types of exercise.
  • Add music to your workout and dance your way to fitness. Working out is really just choreography for fitness, so why not put it to music. It makes it fun, especially if you love dancing.
  • Be in the moment, feel the control. Think about each muscle movement and how amazing that you have more command over your body. It’s truly amazing as you watch yourself steadily progress.

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