The Importance Of Flexibility

At Upfit Academy in New York, NY, we focus on all types of fitness. People understand the importance of fitness and many take action. Some do only cardio, while others focus on strength building or a combination of cardio and strength. Those people are missing the importance of balance and flexibility training. Being flexible is vital to health. It helps improve the range of motion, preventing injury when doing other exercises or everyday tasks.

Your posture will be better when you focus on flexibility.

Tight muscles can cause poor posture. If your muscles are tight, it can affect the spine alignment and create an imbalance. If the muscles are too tight on one side of the body, it can pull the body in that direction, creating a constant state of pain. When you increase the range of motion, your muscles are more relaxed, allowing you to stand tall. It lets you sit and stand correctly, plus perform strength and cardio exercises with proper form, making them more effective.

Flexibility reduces injury.

Many injuries to the muscle are caused by tearing or overstretching the muscle further than the range of motion allows. When muscles are looser and more relaxed, it prevents those injuries. Improving your flexibility allows your body to absorb more stress without injury. Eliminating imbalances can also help prevent injury. If you’re prone to injury while exercising, you may need more flexibility training to correct tight muscles or imbalances.

You’ll walk taller and feel more confident when your muscles relax.

Stretching the muscles with flexibility training helps them relax and reduces the tension of tight muscles. It’s one reason yoga is so beneficial for relaxation. It’s easier to relax when there’s no tension in the muscles. The improved posture also benefits your state of mind. You look more confident and ultimately, that appearance affects how you feel. It may be due to the body’s alignment and relaxation or how people treat you because you look more confident.

  • Flexibility training can boost your energy. When your muscles are more relaxed, your body doesn’t have to work as hard. The body’s biomechanics change when muscles can’t sufficiently stretch and relax.
  • When you focus on flexibility, you’ll feel less pain. You’ll be less prone to pain when getting up from a chair, picking up items off the floor, or doing everyday tasks.
  • Flexibility training also helps build balance. The older you are, the more important balance becomes. A fall can be devastating. Flexibility training helps people to live unassisted longer and improves their quality of life.
  • Stretching is one way to improve flexibility. You can stretch throughout the day to help regain it or do static stretching after working out and muscles are warm to improve your range of motion.

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