Should I Say Goodbye To Fast Food Forever?

If you’ve recently stopped for burgers and fries at a fast food joint, you’ve probably noticed that what used to be considered fast and cheap, is no longer that way. One reason people chose fast food was for the price. You could eat an entire lunch from the dollar menu in the past. That’s no longer true. Fast food is now just convenient and most of the time not very fast. With a little planning, you can say goodbye to fast food, or make smarter choices when eating there.

It’s hard to say no to fast food because it’s addictive.

If you have burgers and fries daily, you might miss them because they’ve become a habit. You’ll also find your body craving that taste. It’s more than just habit that makes them so palatable. It’s the fat, sugar, and salt that make them so addictive. Sugar and fat affect the pleasure center of the brain and release opioids and dopamine much like addictive drugs. That makes giving up fast food even more difficult. Try switching to healthier options or carrying a healthy lunch for a change.

Choose more carefully from the menu.

Choose healthier options from the menu instead of burgers, shakes, and fries. Most places offer grilled chicken salad as an option. If you choose a Subway sandwich, opt for extra veggies and choose turkey, rotisserie chicken, or a plain veggie sandwich. Most people think the wrap is healthier, but it’s not. It’s not even lower in calories. A six-inch Turkey breast signature sandwich contains fewer calories than a turkey breast signature wrap. What’s the reason? All wraps contain double meat which increases the calorie count.

If you plan, you can have more nutrition-packed meals at a lower price.

You don’t have to rely on fast food as your primary source of nutrition. You can create your meals and save time and money. When you meal plan properly, you’ll use many items for several meals. If you baked or boiled a chicken, you’ll have it for a main meal, sandwich, chicken salad, or add chicken to a salad. Extra rice, protein sources, and veggies can become a Buddha bowl for lunch. Meal prep lets you cook on the weekend when you have time and have meals ready quickly during the week. Several days’ worth of healthy food is often the same price as one lunch at a fast food place.

  • Try an experiment. Eat healthy food you fixed yourself for two or three weeks and then eat a meal at a fast food restaurant. You’ll probably notice you feel more sluggish after eating the fast food. Focus on how you feel after eating certain foods. It helps you eat healthier.
  • Using that same experiment with fast food and homemade healthier options, check out how fast food tastes after a few weeks. You’ll probably notice that the healthier food tastes more delicious and you won’t be as thirsty after you eat it.
  • You have more quality control when you cook your food. You know whether you sneezed on it, washed your hands, or accidentally dropped it on the floor.
  • Snacks are important and can keep you going. Instead of opting for packaged snacks, choose fresh fruit or veggies and dip. A quick money-saving option is homemade, not the packaged type, microwave popcorn.

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