Knowing Your Body Type Might Help You Lose Weight

There has always been an acknowledgment that not everyone has the same body type. For a long time, science identified three basic types. Knowing what type of body you have can help you lose weight and realize your potential “best self.” The original three body types were ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph.

Ectomorphs are tall and lean with very little body fat or muscle tone.

They tend to have flat bottoms, narrow shoulders and flat chests. It’s hard for them to gain weight and strength training can is important. Ectomorphs tend to have a high metabolism and are often described as “skinny fat,” since their body has more fat tissue than muscle tissue, even though they’re thin. Focusing on weight and strength training is important. Ectomorphs need to use heavier weights and take it slow. Do five to ten repetitions in each set, and six to eight sets with a minute or two between those sets. For cardio, take brisk walks or ride a bike to save calories, while building endurance. Eating several healthy meals throughout the day is important.

Endomorph body shapes are more pear-shaped.

Endomorph body styles tend to be rounder and shorter. They unfortunately gain fat quickly because of a slow metabolism. They have little muscle compared to body fat and that muscle isn’t very well-defined. The pear shape indicated the weight is in the lower body, but when they’re fit, an hourglass figure is normal. The good news is that they build muscle quickly. Of all the body shapes, endomorphs have the hardest time losing weight. Cardio is important for endomorphs, but strength training is even more important. A high fiber, low fat diet will help endomorphs lose weight. Avoiding alcohol, non-organic or processed meat is also important.

Mesomorphs are the luckiest of all.

If you gain muscle quickly and have shoulder width that’s approximately the same size as your hips, but need exercise to maintain your weight, you’re probably a mesomorph. Mesomorphs are athletic looking and need to have strength training to maintain muscle mass. They should focus on eating three high-protein meals a day that are low carb if weight loss is necessary. HIIT and cardio training works well for mesomorphs.

  • Your body type will never change, but you can make it look its best. For ectomorph men, rippling, bulging muscles can be tougher to get and takes more work, but can be done and endomorphs can lose weight.
  • Building muscle tissue is extremely important for endomorphs. While it’s harder for them to do than it is for mesomorphs, it’s still possible. It can help boost your metabolism and keep weight off permanently.
  • The mesomorph body type makes these people almost natural athletes. They build muscle quickly. That doesn’t mean mesomorphs don’t have to put forth effort. While it may be easier, getting fit still takes work.
  • During caveman times, mesomorphs and endomorphs were the survivors. The mesomorphs were often the strongest, while the excess fat on endomorphs helped them stay alive. There’s no one best type of body shape. It’s all about what you do with your body that makes a difference.

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