Inspire Kids To Move At An Early Age

We have a wide variety of clients at UpFit Academy in New York, NY, which includes many parents. Our parents often ask how to ensure their kids grow into fit adults. The answer is simple. You have to inspire kids to move at an early age. Fitness is all about eating healthy and being active. We often suggest games to play with toddlers that provide mommy/daddy interaction but keep those toddlers moving. Fit children do better in school and often have more self-control.

Take away the screen and have fun with the kids.

It’s really an easy habit to put your child in front of the TV to keep them entertained or give them their own computer so you can get your work finished. However, easy isn’t always the best route to take. Instead of keeping them busy doing something else, have them join you in your chores when they require physical activity. Those mental tasks can be done after the kids go to bed. Get them involved in cleaning, even if it involves a toy vacuum or closely directing them as they pick up toys.

Make your child a priority when you walk through the door.

When you get home from work, play ball, ride bikes or go for a walk. If you’re walking, it gives you time to talk about the day’s activities and whatever is on your child’s mind. You’ll be keeping your kids active, while also building a beautiful relationship that will only grow as your child gets older. Shared activity creates common bonds. If you have more than one child, give each child at least one session of just you and that child each week.

Make time for play time.

Sure, your day is super busy, but it never should be too busy to spend time playing with the kids. Start with fun activities when they’re extremely small. Active play, like walking like their favorite animal or even hide-and-seek, can be fun and done at a very early age. Dancing to music is another activity you can start with your baby in your arms.

  • Be the child’s role model. On your days away from the gym, do simple bodyweight exercises and let the kids join you. Simple exercises, like squats or lunges can be done together. Kids learn by example, so smile while you workout and don’t complain.
  • Get your children toys that require they be active. Instead of a new computer program, get hula hoops for the family. Put up a basketball net or bikes for everyone to ride together.
  • Is your kitty getting a bit pudgy or does Rover need exercise? Teach your child how to gently play with animals and how much animals need to play. Get active games to get your child and your pet more active.
  • Get them fitter by changing your habits. Don’t drive the kids to school. Instead, walk to the school with them. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or walk up the escalator if there are no stairs.

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