Importance Of Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated seems like it’s too simple to be important. Drinking a glass or bottle of water when you’re thirsty is all you need to do. It’s simple, but like breathing, vital to your existence. There’s not one amount of water necessary per day, even though 8 cups is generally accepted. The amount of water you should drink varies. It’s based on activity level, surrounding weather, your metabolism, and size. Your overall health, alcohol consumption, and age play a factor, too. The extremes of age, the very young and old have less bodily fluid, so losing a small amount can cause dehydration.

Water plays a role in many functions.

Water is necessary for every system in your body to function properly. It helps prevent a build-up of bacteria in the bladder by flushing it out regularly. It plays a role in digestion, carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells, and cushions the joints. Water aids in keeping your body temperature normal and maintaining electrolyte balance. It helps keep blood pressure normal, while also preventing constipation.

Dehydration can make you tired.

If you reach for a cup of coffee when you get tired, try a glass of water instead. Coffee acts as a diuretic, so you may end up with sum zero benefits. While water can help eliminate fluid build-up and water weight caused by too much sodium, it does not act as a diuretic as coffee does. Even though coffee still provides some hydration, water does it better and doesn’t cause headaches or a racing heart. The next time you’re tired, drink a glass of water. You’ll feel more energized almost immediately.

It’s not just water that helps keep you hydrated.

You do get fluid from food. If you’re thirsty, watermelon probably sounds pretty inviting. It’s because of the juice. Sometimes, the body doesn’t differentiate properly and mistakes thirst for hunger. It can cause you to eat more to satisfy the urge. The next time you think you’re hungry and nothing sounds satisfying, have a glass of water. You’ll be surprised at how your hunger might fade. You’ll be surprised at how your hunger might fade.

  • Dehydration can cause delusion, particularly in older people. It’s often mistaken for dementia. Many seniors become dehydrated because they don’t recognize their thirst or fail to drink water to avoid constant bathroom trips.
  • Sipping on water throughout your workout can help boost the session’s productivity. It increases your energy by keeping you hydrated. Unless you’re doing a long, intense workout, you don’t need a sports drink to replace electrolytes.
  • Your brain and lungs are approximately 73% water. It’s no wonder you get a headache when you’re dehydrated. If your joints ache, drink a glass or two of water. It often helps, since it lubricates the joints.
  • Drinking more water can give you a youthful appearance. It can give you more pep and help prevent the skin from drying and looking less plump. Adequate hydration helps prevent premature wrinkling, particularly around the eyes.

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