How To Gain Muscle Mass?

We use only natural, scientific methods at UpFit Academy in New York, NY, to help people get fitter, gain muscle mass and shed extra pounds. It starts by making lifestyle changes. Eating healthy, getting adequate sleep and of course, following a program of regular exercise to build lean muscle mass are key to getting fit. We focus on scientifically based, natural techniques to build muscle tissue with personalized programs of exercise and nutrition to boost your progress and help you lose weight, as you build muscle.

Eating healthy and choosing the right type of nutrition is important.

No matter what you’re building, whether it’s a house or muscle mass, you need the right type of materials to do it right. Many people ignore that step when it comes to building muscle. The key is to get between 20 and 33% of your calories from protein. You want enough calories in your diet so you reach your fitness goal, whether it’s to stay the same weight, gain weight or lose it. The protein in your diet should be high quality and complete. Salmon, chicken breast, dairy and lean beef are examples. You also need healthy fat. Healthy fat is important if you want to build muscle tissue. Approximately 20% of your calories should come from healthy fat and the rest from high quality whole food carbohydrates.

Get the most from every workout.

A personal trainer can help you do that, but if you’re working out on your own, there are some rules to follow that will aid in building muscle mass. You may think that working out longer is better, but that’s not necessarily true, especially if you’re doing strength training. Lifting weights, whether it’s a piece of gym equipment or your body, makes muscles stronger. Weights tend to work the best. While light weights won’t build the muscle tissue you want, going too heavy isn’t recommended if you want to build muscle mass, although it is good for building strength.

Don’t forget a pre and post workout snack.

To maximize your workout, you need energy and to build muscle, you need the right type of material. Protein provides the right type of material, while carbohydrates provide energy. Eating a snack that’s a combination of protein and carbs before a workout, like Greek yogurt and fruit or a peanut butter on whole wheat bread sandwich, can give you the energy to maximize your workout. When consumed after a workout, it can speed recovery and start the process of muscle repair.

  • Focus on compound movements. Not only do compound movements burn more calories, but they also get more accomplished in a shorter time frame. They target larger muscle groups, which show the most growth.
  • Don’t forget to include healthy fat in your diet. Consuming avocados, nuts and salmon can help provide it. Healthy fat is necessary to increase the hormones that help produce muscle tissue.
  • Get plenty of sleep and hydrate frequently. During sleep, your body heals itself. Muscle is built when the microtears in the muscle heal. Hydration is important to maximize your energy and get the best results.
  • Muscles grow when they’re resting. Give your muscles between 24 and 72 hours of rest between strength training workouts. Strength-building more frequently can actually cause muscle loss.

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