How Fast Can I Lose Weight?

At Upfit Training Academy in New York, NY, our mission is to help you reach your goals as fast as possible. Whether you want to bulk up, increase endurance, or lose weight, we find the most efficient and healthiest way to help you do that. All fitness goals are based on one principle, consistency. You can’t instantly change from a couch potato to an Adonis overnight. You can, however, speed up the process by using the best, most effective, techniques to reach your goal.

Weight loss is all about the numbers.

To lose one pound, you have to have a 3500-calorie deficit. The average person burns anywhere from 1600 calories to 3000, depending on weight, age, gender, body mass composition, and activity level. If you use 2300 as an average the maximum you would burn in a week is 16,100. That means if you had an average weight and activity level and ate nothing for a week, the most you could lose would be 4 ½ pounds. Of course, that’s not sustainable or even realistic. You have to eat something to be healthy and survive.

Start with a healthy diet.

Upfit Training Academy focuses on developing healthy habits and keeping the weight off permanently. You’ll learn to choose healthier options that are lower in calories and help boost your metabolism to burn more calories. The best goal to set is 1 to 2 pounds a week. If you are severely overweight, you’ll lose more. Cutting calories too low for long periods will put your body into starvation mode and your metabolism slows. You’ll also develop healthier eating habits that can keep weight off permanently.

We’ll help you with exercises that torch calories.

If you increase your activity level, you’ll increase the number of calories you burn each week. Using the best types of exercises to burn calories should be your goal. While cardio torches calories, the energy comes from both fat and muscle tissue. Muscle tissue uses more calories for maintenance than fat tissue does, so the more you have, the more weight you’ll lose. Strength training also torches calories while building muscle that helps you burn even more calories. Modifying your workout and creating a HIIT—high intensity interval training—workout also torches calories but in far less time.

  • The more you weigh, the more calories it takes to do everything. It’s like carrying 30 or 40-pound weights constantly, so you’ll burn far more than the average person. You can cut calories more dramatically and lose weight faster initially.
  • Weight loss is all about consistency and developing new habits. Yoyo weight loss is hard on your body and bad for your health. You may lose several pounds, but it’s usually water-weight that returns quickly.
  • Never try to out-exercise a bad diet. It’s impossible. To lose weight faster, you need to eat healthier and reduce your calorie intake as you increase your activity level.
  • Our trainers will help you lose as much weight as quickly as is safely possible. Losing weight too fast can cause gallstones, depression, and wrinkled skin. We’ll help you find the healthiest option.

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