Good Workouts For Couples

Young muscular couple doing strength exercise at the cross fit workout.

One of the things that help people stick to a workout is having a workout buddy. If you have someone else that holds you accountable, you’re more likely to go to the gym or workout. That’s also what makes working out with a spouse so beneficial. In fact, it can actually cause some beneficial competition to stick with a workout program and make progress. Here are workouts for couples for those people who want to add the gym to their list of date night destinations.

You must decide on the ground rules and goals before you start.

Do you want to keep peace? Before you start any program of exercise with a significant other, set ground rules and goals. When you come to the gym, we always find out what your goals are before we create a program for you. It’s even more important if you’re working out with a spouse. Remember when setting goals that men tend to lose weight faster than women do because they have more muscle tissue.

Do you need a partner to spot or hold your feet for a back extension?

You don’t need to find someone in the gym to help you with certain exercises that require a spotter or need extra help by holding your feet or watching your form. Your spouse automatically becomes the spotter, coach and cheerleader. You don’t need a glute-ham raise machine to do a glute ham raise when you do it as a couple. One person holds your legs as you kneel on the floor. You then start lowering your upper body toward the ground. Don’t touch the ground but slowly raise your body back up. It’s a tough exercise and can hard for the partner who is holding your legs.

Even squats can be more fun when you’re doing them as a couple.

Try a fun exercise, like a back-to-back squat with your arms interlinked. Just start in standing position, back-to-back and link your arms. Then squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground and your bodies straight. Then try a back-to-back squat with your arms crossed in front of you.

  • Exercising together can improve your love life. Many studies show that it makes couples feel more satisfied with their relationship. Sharing the time and the common goal can also strengthen the bond.
  • Planks are tough enough, but working as a couple, you can make them tougher. Do planks together facing each other and in the middle of the hold, extend one hand and do a high five, then bring it back to starting position.
  • If you’ve never done a wheelbarrow walk with your kids, it’s nothing more than your partner getting on all fours with you picking up his/her legs then walking with them, like they’re a wheelbarrow. It can be fun and something you can do with a spouse or even the kids.
  • Our group fitness classes are perfect for couples, but if you choose you can create a small group session for you and your special someone. The two of you can also learn healthier recipes you can make together.

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