Getting Started With Running

If you’re like many people, you may want to find ways to supplement your time at the gym on the days you don’t go. Some people find that biking, walking or running are good ways to do that. Adding more activity that isn’t intense can keep you healthier and provide active recovery if you’ve had a tough workout the day earlier. There are some things to remember if you use running as your alternate exercise program.

What you wear does count.

Wearing the right type of clothing for weather conditions is a top priority. Your clothing doesn’t have to be the latest fashion, but it does have to suit the weather and allow easy movement. Your shoes are important. They should be supportive and designed for the terrain you’ll run. There’s a lot of difference between running on a treadmill, running on gravel, at a track or on hilly, woodsy terrain. Get the type of shoes based on where you run. Shoes to run on trails is far different than those used to run on asphalt.

If you’re running outside, let someone know where you’re running and plan to make it safe.

Always make sure someone knows where you’re running if you’re taking a route outside, just in case something happens. It’s even better if you take a cell phone and use an app that allows your cell phone to be tracked. Wear clothing that keeps you safer, like reflective clothing after dark and running with a buddy if possible. Make sure you carry extra water or plan your route based on public fountains or places to stop for water, especially on hot days. Always warm up before you run and cool down when you’ve finished.

Learning proper breathing techniques will help you with running and all types of exercise.

Learning the proper technique when you breathe is important for success in running. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth is one of the easier techniques but should be practiced before you run or jog. Learn belly breathing to ensure your nasal breaths are deeper. Blow out your breath as deeply as you can, using the diaphragm.

  • Most people aren’t aware which running shoes are best for various conditions. Get the help of the staff at the store that knows the difference.
  • Just like any exercise, don’t try to overdo it. Start with a gentle run or even a walk. The exercise is meant for active recovery. Don’t make it too intense, especially when you first start.
  • You need to keep hydrated. One general rule is to drink a half to three quarters cup of water every 20 minutes you run. If you’re pushing yourself to run faster, you’ll need to increase that amount.
  • Make sure your posture is good when you run. Your head should be held high, back extended so you run “tall.” Your shoulders should be up, yet relaxed. Maintain a neutral position, focusing your eyes 10 to 20 feet out in front of you.

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