Foods To Heal Your Gut

Gut health plays a huge role in your overall health. Problems with the digestive system can range from cancer, healthy gut bacteria and even more controversial ones like leaky gut syndrome. One thing is certain, the best medicine in many cases are foods to heal your gut. If you’re taking bottles of antacids, the problem may come from what not what you’re eating, but what you’re not eating for overall gut health.

Eat foods chock-full of beneficial microbes.

Fermented foods are probiotics, meaning they provide beneficial microbes to help you digest your food better, fight off harmful microbes, aid in blood sugar control, aid in heart health and even eliminate cells that cause disease. The body has far more microbes than it has cells, so you’re never alone. The beneficial microbes not only help your digestion, they boost your immune system and even effect your nervous system and moods. Kifir, yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha are just a few that can improve your gut health.

Prebiotics feed the probiotic microbes.

Soluble fiber is often the food of choice for those helpful microbes in your gut. Prebiotics feed the healthy bacteria and microbes, so they can fight off the unhealthy ones. By increasing the good microbes, it starts the process of healing your gut. Don’t pull your dandelions or spray weed killer, dandelion greens are a good source of fiber to feed those hungry helpers. Apples keep the doctor away by supplying pectin and inulin fiber for beneficial bacteria, so do whole oats. Onions, chicory root and Jerusalem artichokes are all high in prebiotics to boost the healthy microbes.

Make sure you have adequate collagen to promote healing.

Bone broth is a good source of collagen, plus contains many other nutrients. You use the leftover roasted bones of any animal, beef, poultry or fish, and cook it for up to 72 hours to leach out the nutrients. The L-glutamine in bone broth helps the gut heal and seals the lining of the gut. It can be beneficial for IBS, leaky gut and more.

  • Healthy gut microbes are important for people that want to lose weight. If you have an imbalance it’s called gut dysbiosis and studies show it can potentially lead to weight gain. Restoring gut balance can help you lose it.
  • Garlic may kill vampires, but it can improve gut health. It has inulin and FOS that good bacteria and yeast use as their feast, growing stronger with every nibble. It’s especially healthy when eaten raw, but still has benefits when cooked.
  • Grab a banana. They’ve been used for years to help stop diarrhea, but also can help boost the healthy microbes. You’ll have less gas and bloating when you eat them.
  • In some cases, what you don’t eat is also healing. Cut out white flour and anything that’s sugar based. Those feet the bad microbes that kill the beneficial ones.

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