Can a PB&J Be Healthy?

Yes, that simple PB&J sandwich that your mother made may actually be more than quick and filling. It can be healthy, too. Some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are healthier than others are. It all depends on the type of peanut butter, bread and jelly that’s used. Instead of white bread, use whole wheat. Make sure the only ingredient in peanut butter is peanuts and use a homemade jam that’s sugar free.

PB&Js are loaded with nutrients.

The peanut butter provides a lot of the vitamins and minerals, but if you use a homemade refrigerator version of jam, you’ll boost the nutrient content. Peanut butter is high in phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, niacin and vitamin B-6. You can make sugar free strawberry or other berry jam by simmering down mashed ripe fruit. Making the sandwich with whole wheat bread adds to the fiber and nutritional benefits.

Make your own jam and add chia seeds to boost the nutritional value.

There are several recipes for jam that use stevia or other sweeteners, but if you use sweet ripe fruit, you don’t have to add a sweetener. You do have to keep the fruit on the stove to boil it down and if you want a thicker jam, add some chia seeds. It will contain most of the nutrients you find in the fruit and the benefits from the chia seeds, which include additional fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, protein and a wide variety of micronutrients. You can store the jam in the freezer or refrigerator for later.

You can boost your heart health with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Peanut butter has a high ratio of healthy fat, which includes mono and polyunsaturated fats compared to saturated fat. You need fat in your diet, but not all fat is healthy. Increasing good fat and reducing harmful fat is good for heart health. The fat ratios in peanut butter are close to those in olive oil, which is known for its heart healthy properties.

  • You can make a healthy fruit spread with almost any type of fruit. You heat it with a little water, lime juice or orange juice, mash the fruit, then add chia seeds. You can use frozen fruit or berries or fresh.
  • Making a PB&J on Ezekiel bread can add to the nutritional benefits. It can help lower cholesterol levels, improve liver functioning, help with allergies and improve digestion.
  • Even if you can’t make your own fruit spread or homemade jelly or jam, a PB&J can still be healthy. Just go lightly on the “J” and spread it thing. Make it just enough to get the flavor and make it easier to swallow the peanut butter.
  • Always read the labels when you buy peanut butter. Opt for those that are organic and natural with the least possible ingredients. Some peanut butters contain additives and a high amount of sugar. The healthiest peanut butter only contains peanuts.

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