Show of hands, who wants to get fit and strong??

Why did we start UpFit Training Academy?

Why did Westley and I decide to start our own fitness company? Because there’s not enough services out there to give people what we REALLY need for success in health and fitness. Most commercial gyms actually model their businesses so that you DON’T show up. What drives people to keep working hard and doing uncomfortable […]

The Prowler Sled Push will get you mentally strong

How to be Mentally Strong!

What separates the mentally strong from the mentally weak? Happy July, and more importantly a happy official midpoint of the year 2018. These are some thoughts that I have come across that have kept me personally in check and strong mentally. What are the bad habits holding you back? Did you know that studies show […]

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

We will be writing about a variety of informative topics to help you achieve your health, weight management, and fitness goals. Be sure to check back often and let us know if there’s a specific topic you’d like for us to include. Here are some of the topics we will be covering – hope you’ll […]