“ Every workout was the perfect amount of challenge”

    Paul has been my trainer for about 4 years. He is great at getting me to get past the “mental roadblocks” of “there’s no way I can do that” and actually get me to succeed. I was 50 years old when we started working out and was never very athletic, but I am so happy with the progress that I made over the last 4 years, mainly in how much stronger I feel and all that I accomplished that I never thought that I could. Paul is great at finding the exact amount to push, but also recognizing when it’s too much. And, he listens. Every workout was the perfect amount of challenge and ended with a great sense of accomplishment. I am grateful for all of the “yes, you can do it” encouragement when I was ready to give up. There is no doubt that Paul is an excellent trainer, no matter what your age or fitness level.

    Miriam K