Meet Nelson

Nelson Delgado

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    BA in Sociology from Albright College
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    NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
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    NSPA Certified Speed & Agility Coach

Nelson spent his youth playing a variety of sports including baseball, basketball, and football. When Nelson reached High School, he decided that football was his true calling and ended up being what introduced him to strength and conditioning. With the gym, it was love at first sight and became his home away from home. Nelson’s hard work and dedication in his teenage years afforded him the opportunity to play football at the college level for Albright College in Reading, PA, where he realized what it truly takes to be a successful athlete. 

After graduating from Albright College with a degree in Sociology, Nelson worked for 10 years until a childhood friend asked him to help out with a youth training business start up. Almost immediately, Nelson realized that training was his true calling. He then decided to change his course and dedicate himself full time to a career in fitness. Nelson started working with youth athletes at his local high school and then worked at a studio gym where he ran small group training classes and coached clients one-on-one.

Over the years, Nelson has challenged himself by participating in various forms of fitness from bodybuilding to CrossFit and recently completed a triathlon. He’s excited to contribute his experience as a coach and athlete to the UpFit team.

Nelson truly enjoys helping people better themselves and accomplish goals that they otherwise thought were unattainable. He is a firm believer that pushing your body to its physical limits not only bullet proofs you physically, but mentally to deal with any of the challenges that life might throw at you.

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Get acquainted with our UpFit Training program, mindset, and community, as you get a jump start on your fitness journey. Expect to see a boost in metabolism, energy, and motivation, as UpFit’s signature small group training program combines individualization with the fun dynamic energy of a group class.

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