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The digital boom is upon us.

Data is the new commodity.

If you look at the most valuable companies today, data hoarding companies like Facebook and Google top that list. Compare that to 20 years ago in the 2000’s, it was the big oil companies, Exxon-Mobil, BP, and Shell.

This cool video shows that transition over time.

I’m thinking there’s a couple reasons how “big data” became the new “big oil”.

One, companies like Facebook feed into our primal need for social validation.

For the majority of the 300,000 year old history of our species, if we didn’t care what our direct network thought of us, we were lone goners.

Two, social media services give us direct and immediate feedback whether we are getting better at using their apps.

That cool ”so adorable” post you put up of your growing dog family getting more likes than before.

Your friend count list going up, as you expand your social digital network.

With every well done and interesting instagram post, your follower count going up.

This sort of improvement drive is how the once in a generational mobile internet game like Fortnite made over 8 billion dollars.

With the more time you play, your characters level up, get stronger, gain more powerful skills, and obtain newer weapons.

This makes you want to KEEP playing.

WE like getting better at things.

We feel accomplished.

We feel in control.

We feel like success is in our hands.

And with success meters easily seen and available, we become more motivated to keep making that progress.

It relates to the pathways in our brain.

The act of doing something, and then receiving an anticipated reward (accomplishment) sends our brain a hormone hit, making us feel good.

How does this relate to getting and staying motivated to keep making those gains?

By keeping track of your workouts and training program!

Writing down the weights we lifted today as compared to last week.

Seeing our mile run times get faster.

Marking down the two extra reps we did on that weighted squat.

Compare this to the casual once in a while gym goer looking to  “maintain”, as they come in for a few sets of air squats, jogs on the treadmill for a little while, stretches a bit, and works up a light sweat.

Or even worse, that person consistently going through brutal workouts that have no structure and plan, but are frustrated because they don’t seem to be looking any better.

How long do you think these person will stick to their routines?

And usually they’ll blame it on a lack of motivation.

Well, there was no direct and readable meter of progress.

Logging and tracking your workouts is a truly simple way to CREATE motivation.

This is why at UpFit Training Academy we love our TrainHeroic software, and use it with all our clients;

We encourage them to get comfortable using the software app during classes, reading, comparing, and logging their sets, reps, weights, and conditioning times.

This has them see the extra set they did this week as compared to last.

And the way we coach and work, for 9 out of 10 people, the current week’s performance is better than last weeks.

Want to create motivation?

Start keeping track of your workouts!

Yours in good health,

Coach Paul

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