Do you need protein to lose weight?

What does protein have to do with it?

At first apprehensive about showing her picture, Jill decided that her story was worth sharing!

Jill and Wes

This is Jill with Wes, and this is what she said to me when I asked her how she dropped 40 lbs since training with us…
“Well coming here to workout, but
a Sh%T load of chicken,
and not eating junk 70% of the time.”

Words from one of our most successful female clients down 40 lbs since training with us from 205 lbs.
As simple as it can get from someone who had about 150 questions before starting her fitness journey.
“You think lifting weights is better or cardio?”
“What about HIIT? I heard that works great.”
“What about going vegan, I just saw the game changers movie.”
“Won’t lifting weights get me bigger?”
And all questions you can expect from a beginning, inquisitive fitness hopeful overwhelmed with the black hole of internet information. And then realizing as she went on that consistency with the basics would carry her forward.
Protein, less crap, move more.

Might be important for weight loss

“Higher-protein energy-restriction diets lead to greater weight loss, fat mass loss, and preservation of lean mass along with greater improvements in select cardiometabolic health outcomes, over the shorter term, compared with lower-protein diets” (Leidy et al. 2015).
Simple but not easy.
“Although greater satiety, weight loss, fat mass loss, and/or the preservation of lean mass are often observed with increased protein consumption in controlled feeding studies, the lack of dietary compliance with prescribed diets in free-living adults makes it challenging to confirm a sustained protein effect over the long term” (Leidy et al 2015).
Not easy, but probably better than the Vegan and ab blaster program from your favorite Instagram fitness influencer.

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