Our Mission

To be the most people focused fitness company in the industry, dedicated to empowering the modern individual.


We plan on reaching our mission statement by leaning on our Triangle for Success. This Triangle guides us to create an environment of trust, respect, constructiveness and positivity in order to create the highest chances of success for our clients and team members.

The triangle is made up of

    Coaches who…

    • Live what they preach
    • Care about your success
    • Have a growth mindset
    • Collaborate as a staff to create a meritocracy for the best ideas
    • Are WITH you rather than AT you
    The UpFit training program…

    • Is evidence based
    • Is client based
    • Allows wins from day 1 with structure and planning
    • Realizes consistency wins overall
    • Rewards effort and autonomy
    • Strives to help you become independent and ultimately your own agent of change
    Our fitness tribe…

    • Helps you feel like you are part of a team
    • Fosters accountability
    • Leverages the power of relationships
    • Creates a level of high standards
    • Makes training fun and worthwhile!

Founded by two fitness professionals with over 20 years of experience in coaching collegiate athletes and personal training, UpFit Training Academy is the brain child of co-founders Paul Park and Westley Chow.

Westley Chow

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    BS Nutrition & Exercise Science, Queens College
  • null
    NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • null
    USAW Sports Performance Coach
  • null
    NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • null
    Kettlebell Concepts Level 2
  • null
    TRX Suspension Training Certified

Having 11 years of experience as a fitness professional since 2006, Westley’s passion for the industry stemmed from his background training in Mixed Martial Arts since he was 15. The discipline and competitive mindset gained over 16 years of training and fighting has culminated to UpFit Training Academy, the next big fitness movement.

While pursuing his bachelor’s in Nutrition & Exercise Science at Queens College, with the intention of going to graduate school for Physical Therapy, the combined experiences of going to therapy for his own training injuries and his internship in cardiac rehabilitation pushed him in a different direction towards Personal Training. His passion for helping others catapulted his success and led to several roles in Personal Training management with Crunch and New York Health & Racquet Club. More success in sales and with managing staff pushed Westley to start his MBA at Baruch College focusing on Marketing & Entrepreneurship while co-founding his previous business, Fit Formula in 2012.

Westley keeps things simple and focuses on four things daily: health, wealth, family, and personal development. He loves dogs, especially his schnoodle, Brooklyn, hosts epic parties for almost every UFC, and is a savage in karaoke.

Paul Park

  • null
    MS Strength & Conditioning, Springfield College
  • null
    BS Exercise Science, University at Buffalo
  • null
    NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • null
    Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • null
    NSPA Certified Program Design Specialist
  • null
  • null
    Kettlebell Athletics Level 1

Paul has been serving the fitness industry since 2008, and brings a wide variety of experiences including working with NCAA Division I athletes, corporate executives, retired baby boomers, and homemakers. His passion for sports and athletics as a youth sparked an interest in a career as a physical therapist, but soon realized that sports performance, strength and conditioning, and fitness training were his true callings. This started as a student intern at Cutting Edge Sports Training at his alma mater at the University at Buffalo. Working with the local student athletes furthered his interests in the field and led to internships at Fordham, Rutgers, and Baylor Universities.

With completing his master’s degree in Strength and Conditioning at Springfield College, he earned positions of assistant strength and conditioning coach at Trinity College, and head football strength and conditioning coach at Western New England University.

Deciding to pool his experiences of collegiate athletics into working with the general population, he let his passion for the field fuel his dedication to positively impacting the healths of all his clients and those close to him. He currently practices boxing, is an avid combat sports enthusiast, and is looking for his first competitive matches as an amateur. His hobbies include reading and traveling, and he prioritizes spending time with his family and close friends.

Brian Santanelli

  • null
    BS Exercise Science, Sacred Heart University
  • null
    NFPT Certified Personal Trainer
  • null
    Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • null
    TRX Suspension Training Certified

Coupling his passions for competition and building relationships that stem from playing sports through the collegiate level,
Brian has been working as a personal trainer for the past year. After graduating Sacred Heart University with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science in 2019, he wanted to put that knowledge to work.

Shortly after starting his coaching career, Brian realized how much he loved training and committed to sharing that passion with those who let him. After going through his own personal transformation, Brian understands the trials and tribulations that come with embracing a journey towards better health. He hopes to share his success story and impact every person he is fortunate enough to work with.

Brian believes the way to get results is through intentional movement, optimizing recovery, and consistency. Taking a lighthearted yet serious approach he coined his training philosophy “To enjoy the process as much as the outcome.”

He strives to educate himself daily to improve his craft, and be the best coach possible. His favorite ways to use free time is to spend it with family and friends. Outside of training, his hobbies include reading, playing handball, and watching anime.

Jacob O’Connor

  • null
    BS Health Fitness Specialist, East Carolina University
  • null
    ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

Jacob has two years of experience in personal training and remote coaching, having worked with clients of all ages and skill levels. His journey in fitness started as a passion for athletics, playing a variety of sports ranging from football to swimming. Quickly realizing how important training was for sports performance, an obsession for the weight room was sparked.

While earning his Bachelors in Health Fitness at East Carolina University, Jacob joined the olympic weightlifting team and had success in national competition in addition to helping the Pirates become 2017 NC state champions, reaching third place at the 2018 University National Championships. As an upperclassman, Jacob took on a leadership role on the team helping coach new members improve their technique in the snatch and clean & jerk. Jacob developed a passion for coaching that he cultivated over two years during his time as a personal trainer at the ECU Recreation and Wellness Center and as an intern at Young’s Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, where he led classes in athletic development and strength and conditioning.

Jacob is an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan and enjoys spending his free time outdoors. His other interests include board games (especially Scrabble and Catan), history, and geography. Jacob is a firm believer that discomfort is a prerequisite for growth in life and that your comfort zone is not always your friend!

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